Algorithms are functions which get the codedata part as well as the problem instance (the return value of the function defined in Problem) and return an arbitrary R object.

This function serializes all components to the file system and registers the algorithm in the ExperimentRegistry.

removeAlgorithm removes all jobs from the registry which depend on the specific algorithm. reg$algorithms holds the IDs of already defined algorithms.

addAlgorithm(name, fun = NULL, reg = getDefaultRegistry())

removeAlgorithms(name, reg = getDefaultRegistry())



Unique identifier for the algorithm.


The algorithm function. The static problem part is passed as “data”, the generated problem instance is passed as “instance” and the Job/Experiment as “job”. Therefore, your function must have the formal arguments “job”, “data” and “instance” (or dots ...).

If you do not provide a function, it defaults to a function which just returns the instance.


Registry. If not explicitly passed, uses the last created registry.


[Algorithm]. Object of class “Algorithm”.

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